Final cleaning

Cleanliness after you move out and before the keys are handed over

Final cleaning when moving out: Professional and reliable

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Final cleaning is regulated by law when moving out

Tenants are obliged to hand over the flat to the landlord in a swept clean condition when they move out. We sweep your floors and vacuum your carpets. We also consider ancillary rooms such as the cellar, attic or garage. Of course, we also remove cobwebs from all rooms and clean your fitted kitchen and fridge. If you have a balcony or terrace, we will also professionally clean it and even remove layers of grease.

Clarify details in advance with the property management

Normally, you do not need to have the windows cleaned. Only coarse dirt such as glue needs to be removed. If the windows are dusty, this does not count as coarse dirt. In principle, however, you should clarify this with the property management before moving out.

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